Cricket setup for Entertainment – Setup includes Ball machine, netset frame & accessories like bats, different balls (leather, dimple, & lite ball).  At a very attractive lowest price, (Price vary as per the balling machine model).

Ideal for personal backyard practice, also used in malls, amusement parks etc for extra revenue & marketing.

Tiger brand Cricket ball machines – Basic and simple cricket  machine recommended for all age type of players. offering two different models – T3 jr and T4 Pro.
T3 Jr – Single wheel ball machine for half pitch area, throws all type of ball. No spin feature 
T4 Pro – Double wheel ball machine for full pitch area, throws all type of balls, with spin and swing feature.

Tiger IV – T 4 Pro (professional cricket ball machine)

    • Speed range : 30-95 + MPH (155 KMPH)
    • Throws dimpled, leather, lite balls.
    • Throws spin, swing and fastballs with repetitive.
    • Lateral and vertical adjustments allow user to throw various pitches.
    • Flat wheels made of Rubber for precision balance, accuracy, and excellent durability.
    • Extremely fast wheel recovery time.
    • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.
    • Easily set up and transported.
    • optional 12 ball Auto feeder available.
    • Package includes kids & adult tripod stand
    • Also available wheeled variable height tripod stand.
    • Shipping Weight of 50 Kgs.
watch video – T4 spin ball

Model – T4 Pro NEW- 2012

  • Speed – 160 Kmph (99mph) at 77fts.
  • Variable speed control knobs.
  • Fully enclosed wheels for safety.
  • Spin & Swing for both sides.
  • Line & length adjustments.
  • Heavy duty PU wheels.
  • No rust powder coated paint.
  • Throws Leather, dimple & Lite cricket balls.
  • Weight – 52 kgs only.
  • 12 ball Auto feeder available.
  • Supplied with height adjustable stand.

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Model – Gravity Pro – 12v Battery 2012

  • Speed – 130 Kmph (80mph) at 65fts.
  • Variable speed control knobs.
  • Spin & Swing for both sides.
  • Variable Length adjustment.
  • Fully enclosed body for safety.
  • No rust powder coated paint.
  • Throws Leather, dimple & lite cricket balls.
  • Weight – 42 kgs only.
  • Auto ball feeder available.
  • Runs on 12v battery (supplied).
  • Battery charger provided 3 to 4 hours on Single charge.