Gravity Hockey ball machine – make in India







Whether practicing your receiving, deflections, penalty shots or goal tending the gravity hockey machine will allow players to work specifically on their skills- proactively creating scenarios that will enhance their game.

Push goalkeepers to their limits by launching balls goal-wards, testing their saving techniques, reflexes, and coordination.

Gravity hockey ball shooting machine is ideal for both club and domestic scenarios, on either ‘natural’ or artificial court surfaces.



  • Ball Delivery Speed– 35-90 Mph (55 – 140mph)
  • All sides Angle Adjustment For Varied Shot Scenarios
  • Can be utilised on Natural or Artificial Surfaces
  • Specially designed wheels for Hard Hockey ball
  • Easy assembly, storage, & transport
  • Machine Comes with 12V maintenance free Battery giving backup time of 1.5Hrs
  • Battery charger included.
  • Optional mains power available to run on 230VAC
  • Digital LED control panel showing speed
  • Micro controller based circuit programmed  for  accurate  delivery.
  • Throws dimpled balls, hockey balls.
  • Lateral and vertical adjustment allow user to various pitches.
  • Concave wheel made of PU for precision balance , accuracy , and excellent durability.
  • Extremely fast wheel recovery time.
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Easily set up and transported
  • The Gravity-pro Hockey ball Machine is 12 volt battery operated so it can be used anywhere.There is also a mains option available for indoor training sessions using Power transformer.
  • Package includes : tripod base plate ,  12 v ( 36 AH) Battery, battery charger , battery connector with negative & positive terminals.